Caffeine – How good it is for your health?

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Caffeine is not just your morning booster. It’s a valuable ingredient to our daily nutrition due to various reasons.

Let’s dive into a huge mug of coffee and understand how caffeine can contribute to our health.

Read on more to know about health-benefits of caffeine.


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  • It is stated that a cup of hot coffee can help boost your mind and energize you. This quality of coffee can be credited to the charisma of caffeine, which is a vital element.
  • Caffeine is basically an energy booster drug that is found in varying quantities in the leaves, seeds and fruits of some plants.
  • Caffeine is most frequently consumed in the form of coffee, tea, cold drinks and power drinks.
  • Caffeine is frequently considered as an unsafe drug as it can lead to serious addiction. Consuming it in the right quantity can have optimistic effects on your health.
  • Caffeine consumption can increase sports performance, vigilance and reduces weakness.
  • Hence, unlike other chemical ingredients, caffeine is authorized and unregulated in almost all countries.


Now check the following amazing benefits.


A query that everyone has in mind is whether caffeine is good for health. The quantity of caffeine contained in 2-4 cups of coffee a day is not dangerous. Though, excess caffeine consumption can make you feel twitchy, short-tempered and restless. Some people are reactive to caffeine, and they need to limit their intake. Taking caffeine in the right dosage can offer the following health benefits.

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  • Reduce the risk of diabetes

Study says that having 5 cups of coffee in a day can decrease the possibility of developing diabetes. This is mainly due to the presence of high concentration of virus-fighting antioxidants. Having sugar-free coffee on daily basis can make you less prone to diabetes.

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  • Sharpens your mind

Caffeine is excellent for your intelligence. It has ‘Dopamine’, the brain chemical that awakens the area of gray matter. This again is the reason for attentiveness and improved analytical ability, thus making your mind energetic and sharper.

In reality, research at Harvard has confirmed that people who consume four cups of caffeinated drinks are half as likely to experience Parkinson’s disease in contrast to others.

  • Helps in weight loss

Intake of caffeinated drinks can help in weight loss. Regular caffeine drinkers often report reduced hungriness, resulting in weight loss. Just ensure that you don’t go over with it! 200-400 milligrams of caffeine in any form (soft drink, tea or coffee) is enough.

  • Cures dark circles under eye

Dark circles can appear by diverse factors such as dehydration, allergic reaction, incomplete sleep or heredity. However caffeine cannot cure genetic dark circles, its stimulating properties makes it helpful in reducing bulge and swelling related with dark circles. Caffeine also reduces the buildup of blood under your eyes which give dark shades.

You don’t have to go market in hunt of caffeine. Used tea bags can be a solution. Tea leaves also contain caffeine. So you can put soggy tea bags under your eyes for 5-10 minutes to lessen dark circles and puffiness without much expense.

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  • Anti-cancer property

Caffeine can cut down the risk of developing cancer. It also hinders the beginning of common cancer.
Numerous published studies have presented caffeine’s effect on cancer causing cells. And here we are not talking about 1-2 cups daily; all these studies focus on 4-5 cups of caffeine on a daily basis to reduce cancer risk.

Studies disclose that having at least 5 cups of caffeinated drinks in 24 hours can decrease the risk of:

Oral cancer


Brain cancer


Colon cancer


Breast cancer


Endometrial cancer


If taken in right amount under a controlled supervision, caffeine can actually boost your health.

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