14 Easy Yoga Poses for Kids

Yoga is a combination of physical, intellectual and spiritual activities, which was invented in India. Though yoga has many definitions, but the eventual goal of yoga is liberty. Yoga is followed in almost every part of the world. The main problem arises with kids as they are unaware of easy yoga poses and its ultimate benefits. Kids have great learning power and we should take advantage of that in terms of yoga teaching. Before I proceed further to main content, I want to share some necessary steps while teaching and practicing yoga to kids:

  • Always be open to accept or change the yoga poses as per your requirements.
  • Concentrate on having fun while doing yoga poses rather than practicing it perfect.
  • Involve the kids. Follow their desires and comforts.
  • Build realistic and evocative experience.
  • Satisfy their energy levels and diverse grasping styles.
  • Be innovative and relish yourselves, while being safe.
  • Always wear comfy clothes and practice barefoot.

Now it’s time to share 14 amazing and easy yoga poses for kids:

  1. Ganesha Pose

Make a pose like a tree, keep your left foot free and take it out in front of your body, with your knee bent. Keep both hands in front of you and hold the hands like trunk of elephant.


Source: www.hurraykimmay.com

  1. Dolphin Pose

With the support of your hands, bend the elbows. Keep your forearms straight on the ground, roughly at 900 with your elbows. Then, lift your knees up, keep your legs straight and face forward.

Source: www.forteyoga.com

  1. Dancer Pose

Stand on right leg, with you left leg behind you. Touch your left leg with your left hand. Keep your right hand straight forward to balance your body.

Source: www.yogajournal.com


  1. Snake Pose

Lie on the floor with your stomach abdomen area parallel to it. Keep your hands forward and legs straight on the ground. Keep your head up with shoulders and hold it like a snake.

Source: www.ndtvfood.com


  1. Butterfly Pose

Sit on your bums with your back straight. Bend your legs and bring your both feet together and join them. Gradually fold your legs like the butterfly wings.

Source: www.momjunction.com

  1. Kangaroo Pose

Stand straight with your back. Keep your legs little close to each other. Now move down and bend your knees with your hands like a kangaroo.

Source: www.cosmickids.com


  1. Bridge Pose

Lie on your back on the floor. Bend your knees up with your feet straight on the floor. Keep your arms together with your body. Try to keep your chin close to your chest and lift up your bottoms and back so as to form a bridge like structure.

Source: www.yegfitness.ca

  1. Eagle Pose

Stand straight and tall. Twist one leg over another. Cross and bend your arms over another. At last, bend your knees slightly while keeping the spine straight. Post like an eagle.

Source: www.commons.wikimedia.org


  1. Sitting Pose

This is one of the basic and easiest pose for kids. Sit on the ground with your legs crossed and place your hands straightly on your knees. Close your eyes and chant ‘OMMMM’.


Source: www.pinterest.com


  1. Flower Pose

Sit on your bottoms (hips) with your back straight. Raise your legs and balance your body. Join the two feet together. Pass on your arms under your legs.

Source: www.austin.culturemap.com


  1. Horse Pose

Stand and maintain a good distance between your legs, with your feet a little towards the outside.  Bend your knees and join your hands.

Source: www.yogajournal.com


  1. Canyon Wall Pose

Lie on the ground with your back and head. Gradually raise your legs up in the sky and keep them at 900 with your back. Keep your legs close to each other and in straight position. Take support of a wall. Rest your hands on your stomach. Close your eyes for a moment.

Source: www.pinterest.com


  1. Runner Pose

Pose like a runner. Take your left foot forward and keep right foot behind it. Place your hands along with the left foot. Hands should be kept straight on the ground with your head facing forward.

Source: www.shape.com


  1. Warrior Pose

Take a standing position. Step one foot ahead. Keep other foot besides it. Lift your arms up and hold them oppositely and parallel to your shoulder. Bend the front leg slightly and look forward.

Source: www.cnyhealingarts.com

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So, these are some basic and easy-to-follow yoga poses, which kids can do pleasantly.

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