10 Health Benefits of Running – Fitness Mantra

Any physical effort which makes our muscles move is defined as exercise. Exercise has a lot of potential. Our ancestors used to say that exercise can change your life and they were absolutely correct. Today, in the era of unhealthy environment, exercise is a must to do task. There are multiple health benefits of exercises which people can enjoy. Among all the exercises out there, running is considered as most constructive. For some people, running is very easy and for some, it is most challenging.

To maintain optimal fitness, one should habitually do exercise and it can be of many types like:

  • Athletics
  • Aerobics
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Walking
  • Jogging
  • Running

Today in this article, I would like to focus on running alone. Readers will find some exceptional health benefits of running through my fitness mantra.

10 Health Benefits of Running

  1. Weight Loss

Numerous health benefits of exercises are there but diseases are also not less. Weight loss is an increasing problem in today’s health arena. Running is extremely helpful in weight loss. If you are having excess fat around belly, then running can be your fat-buster. It’s also helpful in burning calories effectively especially if you run before breakfast. With 1 hour of running, you can burn a whopping 600 calories, even jogging helps you to burn 400 calories in an hour. For real fat weight loss, it is recommended that runners should take a small break in between running. Instead of 60 minutes continuous running, they should divide their run into 3 stretch of 20 minutes each. By following this strategy, runners can have better results in weight loss.

  1. Release Stress and Depression

Stress is the next big thing our lives will be affected by. People are mostly under stress once in a day and sometimes they don’t recognize. It is important to handle stress as it causes depression and depression severely affects our health. It greatly alters our lifestyle and sleeping habits. Running not only boosts our physical health but also mental health. It is an excellent natural stress-reliever for daily runners as hormones stimulated by running lifts our mood. You can personally experience freshness and mental relaxation after running few hundred meters.

  1. Reduce Cholesterol Level

Running is supposed to reduce the overall cholesterol level in blood and maintain blood pressure at optimum level. Running is a continuous physical activity which is better than the standing physical exercises like power lifting, boxing or wrestling. You can experience rapid and varying muscle contractions in running as compared to constant muscles contraction in standing exercises. People who run more than 12 k.m a week are 40% less likely to take any medicine for blood pressure or obesity related problems.

  1. Reinforce Your Bones

Running everyday makes your bones stronger than any other physical activity. Running is helpful in bone strengthening for both children and adults. After a passage of time, our bones becomes weak and it is being proven that women suffers more as compared to men. Regular running can eliminate this problem to a larger extent. People who run 1 k.m daily have 49% less chances of having leg pain than people who don’t run at all. Investigators have proven that runners have better bone density than cyclists. Chances of spinal problems also become one-third in runners than common people.

Source: www.mys.nos.org.uk

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  1. Reduce Heart Problems

Our heart is one of the main delicate organs that carries vital tasks. It is well proven fact that people who are fatty and weighs more are prone to heart diseases. People who implement 200 minutes of running in their lifestyle have 15-20% less chances of heart stroke than people who are not engaged in any physical exercise. If you run more than 400 minutes a week, then your risk of heart diseases can be reduced up to 30%. The more you run, more are the chances of eliminating heart problems. On a long term, runners have 40% chances of having less heart diseases than non-runners. This is one of the naturally gifted health benefits of exercises. But one should run according to his age, stamina and capability as overrunning may have adverse impacts on heart.

Running reduces heart problems

Source: www.beautyglitch.com

  1. Beautifies Your Skin

Considering the quality of water and air nowadays, many people are suffering from severe skin diseases like acne, moles, hive, chickenpox etc. Running causes sweating, which is the reason behind your healthier skin. 30 minutes of daily running can replace your next beauty treatment. Running improves your blood circulation that means more oxygen can be reached to your body cells, which in turn nourishes your skin. It controls the skin oil, removes toxins and makes your skin brighter and healthier.

You should enjoy health benefits of exercises as it makes you feel more energetic and younger than age.

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  1. Improves Your Cognitive Behavior

Cognitive behavior deals with your mental ability to do any work. There is a whole science involved in it called as cognitive ergonomics. As the person ages, the development of new nerve cells and blood vessels in brain slows down, which can be overcome through running. Running can efficiently boost up your senses and make your mind sharper and stronger. For children, running can increase their learning and memory retrieving capacity.

Running improves mental ability

Source: www.ecigarettedirect.co.uk

  1. Improves Your Vision

Our eyes are very gentle and we must take care of it. Running increases the blood flow in optic nerves and retina, which reduces the pressure under eyes and dark circles. Optic nerves transfer visual images to the brain and sometimes optic nerves get affected and doesn’t perform perfectly, this condition is known as Glaucoma. People suffering from Glaucoma can be highly beneficial from running. Running can be supportive in protecting your eye cells and reducing eye hassle or pain steadily. Premature vision loss can be reduced up to 32% if you run at least 20 miles in a week.

  1. Increases Your Stamina

Running is always followed by a passion and desire to run more each day. Making benchmarks and breaking benchmarks is always a good practice in running. A customized diet plan works well for runners. For increasing stamina, people should run slowly over a long distance rather than running fast over a short distance. Running increases your appetite, which ultimately allows you to eat more carbohydrates, which in turn increases your energy to carry out daily tasks resourcefully.

  1. Improves Your Personality

This is the most lucrative health benefits of exercises. Running boost up your confidence, which is the key element of overall personality. While running, you should set goals for covering distance or burning calories. With defined objective, you become a quick leaner day by day which can help you to monitor your performance.  Running can make you live longer by reducing the chances of premature death.


This was Piyush Sharma, sharing his personal fitness mantra.

Feel free to ask any questions in comment box.

Thank You.



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