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Fitness Crust

Fitness means optimum capability to perform daily activities and Crust means living or livelihood. Fitness Crust is a professional health blog operated from New Delhi, India.

Health has no substitute. We love unfit people as it gives us great opportunity to train them physically and mentally. We motivate nerds and geeks to adopt a dynamic routine with correct nutrition. Readers can find awesome articles related to health, skin and diet problems. We also promote health insurance as it is the best gift that you can give to yourself or your family.

About Administrator 

Piyush Sharma

Piyush Sharma is the founder and business head of Fitness Crust. He launched the blog on 22nd November, 2017. He has done bachelors and masters in civil engineering. He is a teacher and blogger by interest. Making money online excites him. He loves to write articles for the benefit of community. He likes to counsel people about power yoga, healthy diet and lean exercises. He is an optimistic person with an intention to succeed in his blogging life. He always enjoys experimenting novel techniques on his blog.

He is not a fitness daddy who can give you a guaranteed success, but he can guide you enough towards a healthy living by following some proven fitness tactics and principles.